My name is Ronald C. Kuebler and I would like to welcome you to the Lingual Perfection website. Lingual Perfection provides therapy for Speech, Hearing, and Swallowing for all ages of people. Our services also include the general community, schools, and health care facilities.

Lingual Perfection is a private practice that is based in Columbia, South Carolina. Ronald C. Kuebler is a Speech Pathologist with over 17 years of experience. Ron has various licenses and certifications in South Carolina and other states. Experience covers many different populations and ages including many rare disorders and various treatment approaches.

What makes us an appealing choice for speech therapy for many of the people who know Lingual Perfection is the friendliness. Lingual Perfection strives to make communication advances happen for the individuals that come to see us. You shouldn’t be expected to know all the technical terms for impairments nor should you know all of the normal attributes of speech.

Speech Pathologists are trained to listen and evaluate the information you give us and then to recommend whether on not more information and/or treatment is needed. Communication is impacted by many different events; some happen at birth and others happen along the pathway we call life. Lingual Perfection experience covers the whole pathway and many of the events that result in impaired communication. Please contact us and ask questions about yourself or someone you care for and let’s see if speech therapy is a need.

Our interest is for you or someone you care about to have a rewarding experience in recovering or acquiring communication skills that make life pleasant and reduce stress. If it can be fun, it will be fun when Lingual Perfection therapists apply techniques to make communication better for you.

Please explore our website for more information about our services and ways we can help you with your speech, hearing, and swallowing therapy.


Ronald C. Kuebler, CCC-SLP, ABDA

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